We have transformed... Small Print Pizza Pop Up has become Green Acre Pizza Bar.

Same people. Same ethos. Same pizza.

(with a few twists)

I’m Rob, and together with my business partner Phil Gijsbers and a little help from our southside friends at Small Print Pizza, we have been bringing the good people of Brunswick a taste of what Green Acre has to offer through the Small Print Pizza Pop Up. 

Green Acre was due to open the very same week that Coronavirus restrictions closed hospitality venues across Australia. We had a fully operating kitchen and team of staff ready to start work, so closing the doors was not an option. 

Phil is part of the talented group at Small Print Pizza, so we decided to team up and use our space as a pop up to keep staff employed and the Green Acre dream alive. 

We can’t wait to show you everything that Green Acre is about in our newly completed bar - from the delicious veg-focused pizzas to booze courtesy of our favourite local producers, good tunes and great company. 

Drop us a line (9381 5763) or email ( and we’ll save you a space. 


Rob & Phil

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